At Mini First Aid, we are so lucky to have a team of talented trainers who inspire us every day. We would like to share Helen’s story with you.


Helen Perring Dobbs jointly runs Mini First Aid Hull. Not only does she possess nearly thirty years nursing experience in an impressive number of roles for the NHS, she also has an incredibly inspiring personal story to tell.


In 2013, Helen chose to leave her job to look after her son Ash, when he became extremely ill. Ash has cystic fibrosis and became so poorly that he needed a double lung transplant. Helen absolutely loved her nursing job but wanted to nurse and fully support her son through what was an extremely difficult situation for Ash and all the family.


Helen's son Ash, pictured before his double lung transplant


Ash was extremely fortunate to receive a new pair of lungs in February 2017 and has since made a full recovery. Helen talks about her experience and why she decided to come on board with Mini First Aid:


“We are incredibly grateful for organ donation. Ash’s life and that of all our family has been quite literally transformed. Following my son’s recovery, I felt ready for a fresh start and was looking for a more flexible role in which I could use some of my nursing experience to help and teach others. Mini First Aid Hull felt like the perfect solution.”


Helen’s family has just celebrated three years since Ash’s double lung transplant. Helen continues to help other families affected by Cystic Fibrosis through her voluntary work with CHIEF, a local charity for Hull and East Riding which is run by parents of those who have the genetic condition. Ash has gone on to work for BloodFast, delivering life-changing and life-saving organs to those in need.


Ash, pictured here working for Bloodfast


If you would like to know more about Helen’s experiences, she has recently published a book called ‘The Hand I was Dealt’ on Amazon. Click here to take a look. The proceeds of the book will all go to CHIEF support group, The Cystic Fibrosis Trust and The Newcastle Freeman Transplant Group.


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